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What Are Dreams?

Lisa wrote: Do you think dreams are more of the fears we have in real life coming out in a dream…or do you think they are more of fact…Kind of like they are trying to tell us something….or both? I have some pretty crazy dreams and have always wondered about them. My best estimation is […]

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Sly Murdering Dreams

Parker M. wrote: I keep having nightmares and find myself constantly running from the idea that perhaps my dreams hope to kill me while I’m sleeping. This is a troubling prospect. If your dreams are truly plotting your demise. I’d suggest limiting their availability to yourself. At least for the time being. Until you can […]

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A Mechanism For Sleepanism

Andre wrote: What do you think about to try and fall asleep? I usually think of various scenes of Die Hard, like what I would do if someone entered my house or robbed a bank while I was there. I sometimes think about what I would do if I won the lotto but then I […]

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Richie wrote: How would insomnia affect a pyro? *This article is certified sexist-safe. It would improve his or her skills. Actually, it may even be a weird mix between improving his or her skills. And degrading his or her abilities. It’s kind of ironic. A person without sufficient sleep discovers

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