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Declaration of independence

Andre wrote:
So you have probably seen the recent headlines of congress approving a cool 1 mil to a department that nobody was sure even existed (Google the Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructure ).

Do you think history will look back at this time as one of a corrupt war mongering government or democracy at its best?

Let’s lay down some facts. People are corrupt. A good structure will still have its weak points. And a good person given power will usually lose sight of what a good person is.

My general philosophy with the government is that its a good system. But one filled with dirty operators.

Let’s shift gears a bit. Continue Reading »

Why Girls Date Jerks

nice guy loses girl likes jerk

Jord wrote:
Why do [girls] insist they don’t like [jerks] but date one after another?

Few things will make a person feel as good as when they feel appreciated.

The economies of Appreciation are like any other economy. The name of the game is supply and demand. If the supply of Appreciation exceeds that of the demand, the value thereof will be reduced.

To apply this to girls dating Jerks. Continue Reading »

kill the tangerine

Brandon wrote:

Steven, why do I dream of you all night? I’m not a homosexual, I promise! I just have these dreams of stealing your tangerines. And then I kill you, is that weird?

Going back to my writing about being a good person. It would seem I am unable to make such “judgment” of your character (you being weird). But you did pose the question. So I’ll answer it.

Is it weird that you want to kill me? Continue Reading »

angel and a devil

Marco Luthe wrote:

What defines a “good person”? What moral and ethical standards should one have, and why?

The person defines a good person. Which is a really short answer, but its the truth.

The deeper question is what shapes a persons perception of truth?

The scenarios are endless.

In one instance I’m the ringleader of a group who plans to rob a bank. In this case, I’m a good guy, and my co-conspirators are Continue Reading »

lesbians out of the closet

Heather wrote:

My girlfriend doesn’t think we should come out of the closet to our very religious families but I say its pretty obvious at this point and we are all participating in a ridiculous don’t ask don’t tell situation – do you think I am right to want to be able to be myself around my family members or do you think she is right in not wanting to rock the boat when we know they don’t agree with our lifestyle?

Well that’s a funny question. Because if I were to finger one or the other to be the person in the “right”, I would, in doing so, be wrong.

Each of you has your respectable environments. When two people meet, the elements making up these environments often clash.

The solution to this worldwide phenomenon is compromise.

It is unfair to Continue Reading »

The Birds Of Arizona

dead bird

Cassie wrote:

What’s the deal with kamikaze birds in Arizona? I can’t drive anywhere without 5 birds trying to smash themselves into my vehicle. It’s terrifying! Is it the desert heat? Hormones? A sign that the world is coming to an end?

While I’m sure the world is coming to an end and all, I’m almost certain the manifestation of such an event would not be presented through the flying habits of birds.

Granted, I am merely a mortal man; it just seems there would be a Continue Reading »

car headlight wipers

Danielle wrote:

So windshield wipers, yeah, there great for car windows but why headlights? Who in the heck one day just woke up and was like (light bulb) I think I’ll put windshield wipers on car headlights. hmmm. In my 7 years of driving I’ve never thought to myself, damn I need some wipers for my headlights. I just don’t get it!

But Danielle, in your seven years of driving, have you ever had the option of using headlight-wipers?

I do agree with you though. I’ve never found myself driving and wishing for headlight wipers.

The most important benefit Continue Reading »


Mike wrote:

I have a secret admirer at work. I am married and I think the admirer is a guy, which makes it even worse. I could handle it easier if it was a female. I think he works in the shop. I mean he is a cool guy if it is him but I am straight, you know! I have always been taught to treat others with kindness.

Do I just ignore the notes and just act like nothing is happening or do I confront him. He is just a young kid I don’t want to destroy this guys.

Wow, there is a lot of ground to cover in this one.

First of all, when you refer to “destroy this guy”, is this a physical destruction? Are you planning on physically beating him?

If this is the case, I’d just like to point out that in most cultures this goes against the description of “always been taught to treat others with kindness”. Unless this individual is a masochist; I’m confident he would not appreciate a physical beating.

Otherwise, if you are Continue Reading »

Life can be puzzling

Mat Black wrote:

Stephen –

I have a friend, let’s call her Mallory; she wants to know why she should spend the time asking a question on your site.

Do you have a good response for her?

Dear Mallory,

I understand your apprehension in submitting a Ponderment request. A person’s first Ponderment request is a beautiful experience. It is not to be taken lightly, and I appreciate your giving this important life step all due consideration.

I think I know just what you need to hear to calm your fears. Let me ask you a series of questions. I Continue Reading »

campfire chicken

Paul wrote*:

Son, I remember taking the scouts on a very cold winter campout. We only had green wood to build a fire with and by the time I got around to cooking supper, I was truly hungry. All I had to eat was a whole chicken cooked over the fire on a spit. I don’t remember anything smelling quite as good as that chicken … and I definitely have never had a chicken taste as good … with no salt or spices. How does this fit into your ponderings?

Its a matter of perception. We become accustomed to certain levels of nurture. Creature comforts if you will. One of those is having a regular supply of regenerating and nourishing supplements (and by supplements I do indeed mean food). These nourishing items are greatly appreciated by our body and our minds.

However, like Continue Reading »

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