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newsOkay. So you wake up and its like Saturday day (or morning, whatever). And your checking teh interwebs and your wondering whats up at

Well, the time is currently 1:47 a.m.. I have a Ponder Live! video ready for you. I’ve been working on it forever it seems (since getting home from work).

Anyway, its done, i just need to render it, which will take an hour. And I’m not going to stay up for that, so as soon as i wake up (anywhere from 8am to 10am). I’ll have it posted here for your viewing pleasure.


Its a good one too.

(ps. Its amazing how much time it takes to produce a short 12 minute clip of………. ah balls! I just now realized that Youtube has a 10 minute limit. What to do, what to do. Okay in light of this new realization, it may not be tomorrow morning per se…i’ll get it up as soon as i can.)

*Update 9/15/2007 @ 8:57 am: Bad news. For some Continue Reading »

boys dont cry

Erica wrote:

How should one go about treating the, “Not-So-Funny-Person- Who-Thinks-They-Are” kind of people??

I have a person that I work with who falls under this category… laughing at their own jokes and what not. Making ridiculous comments that aren’t relevant or even remotely funny.

I have put up with this person for going on 7 months now but they are starting to bug me… patience is growing thin.

What do I do?


You may want to kill him.

I know it may seem drastic. But let’s be reasonable. This guy isn’t going away on his own.

Due to the legal ramifications and possible jail time (its getting harder and harder for minors to commit murder) I’d suggest a tactful approach.

The most feasible tactic would be Continue Reading »

broken heartAs long as I can remember (early childhood). I’ve always looked forward to marriage. Because marriage meant true love. I know that this is something usually reserved for girls and fags. Well, I’m neither, but I still looked forward to it.

I would estimate that the earliest thoughts on this subject were had when I was six. My elementary calculations informed me I was in for a fifteen year waiting period. To my young mind, this seemed a horribly long way off. It would be fifteen years before I was twenty one. Which I figured to be the earliest I’d be getting married.

Though this amount of time was daunting to me. I was Continue Reading »

newsJust a quick FYI. Over the weekend I hope to change my hosting setup. Which in all likelihood could result in some downtime (finger crossies it doesn’t).

So if you are looking for and it happens to not be there. Its probably because I screwed something up.

S01E08 title image

—Keep up-to-date with the past Ponder Live! broadcasts—

Ponder Live! Pronunciation Is The Name Of The Game (S01E07)
Ponder Live! Brought To You By… (S01E06)
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Ponder Live! New And Improved (S01E03)

well protected fence

Kristi (Kyla’s mom) wrote:

I’m going out of town for a week at the end of this month (September). What do
you suggest i do with my 20 year old daughter who gets scared to be alone at
night? Please help me!

Hello Kristi,

There are many services of which you can take advantage.

Are you looking for full 24/7 coverage for your daughter? Or are you simply needing a night service (you mention she gets scared at night)? Continue Reading »

stephen preacher

Lauren wrote:

How can I become more like Stephen?

This is actually a question I pretty much get on a daily basis. Now the first thing you need to understand is that there’s more to our good ol’ Stephen than meets the eye. Most people see his tough exterior and don’t realize that deep down he’s a sensitive philanthropist and a caring… um… person. I understand that to some of us, Stephen’s wealth of knowledge is seemingly limitless, but let’s keep in mind that no one is perfect, and as such any goal should (presumably) be attainable. The second thing you (or anyone reading this) need to understand is that I accept no responsibility for the consequences of any of the steps taken to become more like Stephen, and good luck.

That being said, let’s go to the first step shall we? Continue Reading »

A New Writer!

newsGood news everyone! We have a new writer here at His name is Marcus.

Please join me in a round of golf-claps to celebrate his joining the Ponderplace team. Knowing Marcus, I’m confident you will find his writing to be just what the doctor ordered. That doctor being Life, of course.

You can read more about Marcus over at the About Ponder Place section. Look for writing from Marcus in the negligibly distant future!

News! Whats Happening?

newsThis last month has been terrible. My writing has seemingly come to a complete halt. A total lack of enthusiasm. You are justified in your disdain.

The primary reason for the lack of updates is a new project I began. We wont go into details here. Suffice it to say it has drained my energies. This is not a permanent thing, but the initial startup of this project has been taxing.

Another reason is that I’ve found my writing thus far to be disappointing. I am still contemplating the reasons behind this. But you should feel comfort knowing I’m working resolve the issue.

Also, did anyone else notice that the Ponder Line does not seem to be working? Hmmmk, did anyone bother telling me?! Not your fault, I should be testing these things more regularly. I’m still not sure whats wrong. I’ll be looking into this. For now, just send your ponderments to , and please resend any that you might have submitted in the last while. I’ll post again once I know Ponder Line is functioning. *Update: The Ponder Line is working again! :)

Thank you for visiting, I have more exciting news to come in the near future. :)

Your ponder man,

tower of babel
Hailing back to the days that were the era of the Tower Of Babel. When the foolishness of men drove them to pursue a forced presence with their divine creator; they were cursed with a confusion of tongues. After being scattered and each group having their own language; confusion in communication from person to person increased substantially.

Unfortunately this is really the dominate class of communication barrier that is addressed when looking at conflicts of communication.

The one I’d like to address today is the mindset communication barrier. Or otherwise the problem is not the sounds we make or the words we can form with our physical tongue. It’s the Continue Reading »

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