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heather wrote:

I was wondering what you think the best form of paying crime is?

To answer your question shortly, and keeping to the criteria that the activity is financially beneficial while also being illegal. I’d say some form of drug activity.

However, if we were to take into consideration benefits such as health, working conditions and other factors of the job? Drug related ventures drop a few notches on the list.

This is because Continue Reading »

girl vs guy
Dating is hard. When a man dates a woman, it’s the equivalent of him playing Craps, easy right? Except he is blindfolded, and the dealer is a mute.

That’s right, it is hazardous.

In order to provide a full story, I’ll have to admit. I’ve not always been a man. Not to say I’m a transvestite. Instead I’m saying that before becoming a man, I was a boy.

For the purpose of this writing, let’s define what I mean when I refer to a man, and when I refer to a boy.

A man dates women – well a real man marries a woman – but that subject encompasses more than this writing can sustain.

A man has made the plunge; he has set himself at the table of Craps, stoutly fastened the blindfold, and says in a James Bond esque voice “deal” (or whatever phrase they really use in that situation).

A boy Continue Reading »

Apollo and the mooninites

Andre wrote:
Did man really walk on the moon? What would have been our motives if it was all a hoax? Before you answer, check out this website.

I know weird but he really does have some compelling evidence. On the bottom of the page are direct responses from skeptics.

I have a hard time contemplating conspiracy theories. I find it difficult to put any value behind one particular party over another.

The problem I see is that there is no way to validate, with 100% certainty, claims from either party.

Did man really walk on the moon? Continue Reading »

young marrage

mat wrote:

Why is it that Mormons feel the need to marry so [extremely] young?

I know the answer obviously but hey it might be interesting for you to answer.

Hmmm, good question.

I’m not so sure it’s as much a “feeling” as much as it is an “urge”. Those two sensations may actually share the same bed, and perhaps I’m incorrect in separating them. But the reason I do separate them is in the explanation.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (i.e., Mormon) culture is extremely family centric. In the Mormon culture the family is regarded as the strongest support system a person can have. This is why such great emphasis is placed upon being good parents and raising children in an environment that will supports strong development, et cetra.

I believe this is the source of Continue Reading »

empty man

mat wrote:

Dearest Stephen,
I have a question that needs your immediate attention. I have recently found myself wanting to explore the world of night life. My motives are somewhat shadowed to my own understanding but I would assume it pertains at least a little to obtaining the opposite sex. In my quest I did in fact find positive female interaction and had many opportunities to capitalize on the situation, however the nipple biting and ass grabbing didn’t seem to satisfy the cavity that consumes me.

Why do these night life girls bring no pleasure?

Dear Mat,

There are a number of ways to interpret your question. The first is that the problem lies with you; the second is that the problem lies with these Night Life Girls.

Lets first talk about you.

To break down your question a bit further, and Continue Reading »

Possible Downtime!!

newsHuge FYI everyone. If not tonight, in the next few days will be undergoing maintenance. It is possible you will see a momentary absence of Or you may just see some strange page.

If this happens, it will only be for a short while.

tar girl

Faith wrote:
whats love? When you see people getting together and then the next thing is to break off or divorce. It makes love seem like, its something cheap and nothing worthy at all?

Despite my previous sentiments (writing) on the subject. I do have a more reasonable approach than that which I’ve previously displayed, though this writing is not meant to counter or nullify my previous thoughts.

Love is often referred to as the most valuable currency this world has to offer. Actually, I’m wrong on a few points. Continue Reading »

Who Is My Real Daddy?

a dad

Parker wrote:

Last November I found out that my uncle was married to my mother before she was married to my dad. Now its a possibility that I’m the son of my uncle.

I’m conflicted.

There are two ways that I could see this going:

First; you could see the fact that since your mother and (alleged) father are now married, your new father, if he wasn’t your biological father, would have adopted you by this time. This being the case you, would be his son, if not biologically then legally, and the time you have spent growing up with him as your father figure may mean more than something as fickle as genetics. However; if you feel it’s necessary, you could spend time with your uncle (if you haven’t already) getting to know him, and attempting to determine whether or not you feel a stronger ‘father-son bond’ than you do with your alleged father. Either way, you surely have found yourself in a win-win situation that could Continue Reading »

ponder live! S01E09 title image

Sorry, my camera was on macro mode for the first while. Thus a good portion at the beginning is blurry.

—Keep up-to-date with the past Ponder Live! broadcasts—

Ponder Live! The Tree Springeth Forth (S01E08)
Ponder Live! Pronunciation Is The Name Of The Game (S01E07)
Ponder Live! Brought To You By… (S01E06)
Ponder Live! Where Does All The Magic Come From? (S01E05)
Ponder Live! Now You See Behind The Mask (S01E04)

New Publishing Timeline

newsDear Readers,

In light of recent events, I’ve decided a few changes are needed.

Since rejuvenating from that awfully long break, we here at have been focusing on delivering a consistency in our content delivery.

Previous to the break I was posting daily, which was great, lots of stuff to read. Unfortunately it required more time than I had once I began work on my second project. Poor planning on my part. And I paid for it, as the regular visitors lost faith in, thus we almost have to start over earning your trust.

In the resurrection, I managed to Continue Reading »

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