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nuclear explosion
There is one element consistently present in our world.

Let’s preface this with a little disclaimer.

I’m no historian, I’ve not studied. This opinion is an accumulation of my overall observances throughout my “life”. I quota “life” because this writing will not encompass the entirety of what I’ve observed throughout the time I’ve been “here”. I’m going to stop explaining why I quotate now.

There is one consistent element that can be found at any given time in the history of humanity. This is that there has always been some ill meaning person or persons trying to screw things up for their own gain.

How does that apply to our current day? Continue Reading »

rabbit vs bunny
If I were to ask you which two creatures where the most cuddly and lovable; its not even a question, you’d point out kittens and bunny rabbits. Its no wonder either, both animals feature that soft fuzzy fur. Those eyes that seep cuteness, and a general curiosity that makes you want to watch them for hours.

Unfortunately there is never room for two winners.

It is my pleasure to bring to you, the title fight. In the one corner we have Smittens the kitten. Smitten fought from the womb mere weeks ago. In his prime cuddle fitness, with silky smooth fur and an attitude of awesome. Smittens is a real crowd pleaser and undoubtedly has captured the hearts of many.

In the other corner we have Friskles, a new representative for the bunny family. Friskles is the unknown elusive candidate for cuteness. With proportionally floppy ears, and a bundle of fur; Friskles is set to take home the crown.

The crowd goes wild as the start of the fight nears. Continue Reading »

Being a technical support person is a funny thing. The experiences are quite vast. Where else can a college dropout transcend the social status and rank of a large bank conglomerate? Technical support…

Thanks for calling the Helpdesk, how can I help you?

The other day I had a phone conversation. At one point during the diagnostics stage, the user said something to the effect of “I’m such an idiot”. This struck me as odd. I’m sitting here talking to an employee of semi-large bank. I don’t recall the position or title of this person. But chances are great that this person played a significant role in the bank infrastructure. Which is to say they are most likely not an idiot in the fullest sense of the word. Continue Reading »

propaganda title
We see it all the time; propaganda for one cause or another.

Propaganda has a meaning, and it has a perception.

As defined by

information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

In my opinion, this is a technically accurate description of the meaning of propaganda.

Perception is different. Perception is Continue Reading »

newsHey, so remember when i mentioned back when that we here at would be moving?

Well it didn’t happen. For whatever reason I feel very compelled to use this weekend and migrate to the new hosting.

Mainly I’m afraid something will break. uses quite a few tweaks and tricks to get it to do what you see. Being that I’m not exactly well versed in website design/coding its a reasonable fear. Continue Reading »

Kurt Cobain
Have you ever wondered if Kurt Cobain and that one teenager are friends right now?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a little background info in my own words. Kurt Cobain was discovered dead on April 8th 1994. Two days later, on April 10th, a vigil was held in his honor at the Seattle Center. From what I understand, after this event a teen fan of Kurt went home and killed himself. Often when the subject of Kurt’s suicide comes up, someone mentions the one fan that killed himself shortly after Kurt. This is the fan they are referencing. This is also the fan I’m discussing today.

Alright, on with the Meanderment. Continue Reading »


Krystal wrote:
Why does the legal age to do ANYthing here (in the US) have to be 21?

When in Europe or other countries its 18. But at the same time we can get our licenses at 16 and sign up for the military at 18 but to drink is 21. I mean, I just turned 21, I don’t care really but I’m just wondering why is it so much stricter here than it is anywhere else in the world? I’ve always “ponder”ed that. ;)

Krystal, I’m afraid your criticism may be misdirected. Its a good effort, and I’m proud of it; but there are a few technicalities I’m worried about. I say the following as a friend…

Anything covers a whole lot of “things”. I cannot even begin to list the items which are covered under that banner. And its worth noting, that a large majority of the items covered by anything are legal to do under the age of 21.

You later mention drinking, which as I’m sitting here writing, is the only thing I can think of that you legally cannot do while under the age of 21.

If you really want to know, its due to the conservative viewpoints of those who migrated to America over 200 years ago.

That’s a facade. Continue Reading »

Peace of Pizza

peace pizza

Beth wrote:

So how come whenever you are going to have pizza at work or school, everyone always calls it a “pizza party”, when in reality it is no party at all, just lunch. It is not like every time you eat sandwiches it becomes a sandwich party. Yet when pizza is served it is consistently called a “pizza party”?

Nobody realizes what everyone knows, and that is pizza is just another way of spelling peace.

Seriously, give me one situation that cannot easily be resolved by introducing freshly baked pizza, and I’ll give you a situation unrecorded in human history.

Its mind boggling, but true, the reason the human species has such a bloody history, particularly in the early advent of humankind, was that pizza had not yet been discovered. Continue Reading »


kyla wrote:

Breast implants. Are they good or are they bad? plz enlighten me.

How do I approach this with good taste?

I’m single, I’m male, and I’m in my 20’s; its obvious, breast implants are fantastic. But I’m going to put aside my natural inclinations and answer from an unbiased podium.

Given the pervasive and persuasive media influences our society fosters toward beauty, such an enhancement is quite easily considered to be beautifying and illustrious.

Not everyone is going to share that viewpoint. Let’s validate those personal enhancement devices. Continue Reading »

Social Networking and You

popular girls

Beth wrote:

So i don’t get the whole thrill of Myspace and Facebook….I guess I don’t personally feel the need to be more interconnected with the world, especially in such a non-personal way. Anyway, a good friend just moved away and keeps begging me to join Facebook so we can “keep in touch more easily”. So these are my questions….

#1 what is the big excitement with Facebook and Myspace anyway?

#2 am i justified in just thinking he is a lazy loser and if he can’t just pick up the phone why bother keeping in touch?

Well, you see, there are lots of reasons that social networking sites can be exciting: First of all, most of us have at least some desire to obtain some sort of measurable ‘unit’ of value. For instance; here in America we have the American dollar, and it’s widely agreed that the more you have, the better off you are. In other countries they have different units, like the Euro, the Yen, the Peso, or some countries in the past and present use things like gold, silver or cattle. One problem with this system is that each country seems to have it’s own unit of value and one of these units may not be accepted in all countries.

Why would I bring this up you ask? Continue Reading »

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