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newsAn extremely disappointing discovery was made by myself today. I performed a functionality test on the Ponder Line. I found that it is not working.

Recently my email provider experienced some system-wide issues with their email services. This could be the cause, but i highly doubt it. It is more likely that I’ve just done something wrong, and as a result, your Ponderment requests are being thrown into a black hole. Located somewhere on the eastern side of the interwebs.

This makes me angry.

So if you have submitted a request in the last 7-10 days, please resend that request to me here:

conflict V
Picking up from where we left off in Part IV; also be sure to read Part III. And Part II, and Part I before that.

You find the door with your forehead. A resonating “Thud!”; your vision is suddenly dancing with thousands of brightly colored spots. You pick yourself up from off the ground, opening the door. You look to your left, then to your right. You cannot see anything; your surroundings are consumed in the darkness.

Feeling along the wall you make your way to your right. Hoping to find some escape from the now furious Stan, whom is back in the room screaming unintelligibly.

A few steps further and you find a door. Continue Reading »

conflict III
Picking up from where we left off in Part III; Be sure to read Part III. And Part II, and Part I before that.

You’re not sure what to make of this. The flames are difficult to understand, this couldn’t be an actor. What…

The gentleman raises his voice to you, “Well hello, I’d shake your hand but” he gestures with his hand “Well, you know.”

The gentleman saunters over to the remaining chair and places himself at a comfortable angle between yourself and Visitor. Continue Reading »

newsYES! Finally, after quite a long absence the Ponder Line ponder submission function is back in order.

Please proceed to the Ponder Line page to submit all your pressing questions.

*Update: I lied, it is not working, it is no longer giving the error, but it does not deliver the request to me. :( See the post here.

conflict III
Picking up from where we left off in Part II; Be sure to read Part II. And Part I before that.

You hear a door slam shut. You’re not sure what building you are in now. A man dressed in a black suit, which seems to match perfectly with the pitch black surrounding emerges into the faint glow, an unknown ambient light above.

He gives you a pleasant smile and gestures for you to take a seat. There is a table and chair which moments ago were not there. Or maybe you had just not noticed them. Either way, you take a seat.

The man introduced himself, “Hello, I’ll be your neutral representative today”. Continue Reading »

Picking up from where we left off in Part I; Be sure to read Part I.

You’re about half way past the bus when a small blonde girl runs around the front, stepping into the path of your car.

You don’t have time to react before you feel the impact. She hits your windshield leaving a small spider web in the glass. Through the spider web you see the shocked expression on her face. This expression remains with you as she tumbles over the top of your car. Her expression remains burnt in your memory.

Conflict, do you stop and call an ambulance, or do you run. Continue Reading »

conflict part I
Conflict, we all know its there. Every morning we wake up, conflict looms in our distant future. It first starts with your feet. Which one do you favor? Will it be your left or your right? Luckily this type of conflict is easily resolved via your brain’s autopilot.

The next conflict you may encounter; should I brush my teeth? I don’t know, I don’t feel like it, but they probably need it (gives a toothy grin to the mirror). Do you think anyone will notice if I don’t brush?

Probably not, but you never know, you might have one of those awkward close encounters. Like when you’re pulling files out of the bottom drawer of a company filing cabinet. Finally locating your file you are inspecting it as you swing both up and around to head back to your cube. Continue Reading »


Beth wrote:

Okay, so the other day I was eating a banana and I noticed that as usual there was a sticker on the banana peel. However, upon a closer look, I realized this was no ordinary sticker….it was in fact an advertisement for a stuffed animal for $6.99. Due to this new occurrence, I began to wonder just how far will advertising go to sell things? What items will be next in being absurdly stamped with logos or slogans……toilet paper? So, I figured I would turn to you, wise guru, and ask your thoughts, and if there is anything that you think will not be tainted in the near future with someone advertising something.

This is an exciting topic you have introduced. Advertising is quite the lucrative business. Google for example reaps billions in profit each financial quarter on advertising alone.

Let’s discuss advertising and where it’s headed.

Online advertising found the mainstream limelight with Google’s foray into the market. They developed and marketed a unique method of advertisement distribution, and are now rolling in the consequences (lots of cash).

If it is true that history repeats itself, this would Continue Reading »

What Are Dreams?


Lisa wrote:

Do you think dreams are more of the fears we have in real life coming out in a dream…or do you think they are more of fact…Kind of like they are trying to tell us something….or both? I have some pretty crazy dreams and have always wondered about them.

My best estimation is that dreams are facts about our fears (so both?). Periodically I like to write down interesting dreams. We will use my previously recorded dreams for this exercise. Then a brief explanation of what it might be saying… Continue Reading »

corrupt heart

Lisa and Natalie wrote:

Dear Stephen,

Our question is simple – What is love?

Is it simply the caring for another in which case you could possibly love many? Or what would you say “love” is?

Love is a currency. It is used to purchase tangible products, as well as those intangible, yet desirable, privileges.

Its also a very volatile currency.

Love is a process of actions and responses which will allow for a psychological bonding between two persons. When an individual interacts with another, they are simply racking up the scoreboard in the game of love. Continue Reading »

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