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Rich old man

unknown Said:

What do you think of rich old men marrying such young girls because they have the money?

I say more power to them.

In general terms, those who attain great power or great wealth, do so at a cost. Among those costs is a disconnection from genuine social interactions; leading to loss of friends, family, and a skewed perspective of the world around them. Continue Reading »

This story is about Timmy, a nine year old, hopeful little boy. Just last Christmas, Timmy had asked for a pony. Much to his dismay, Christmas morning came and not a pony in sight.

The other gifts had softened the grief; but the pony remained in the back of his mind. The weeks following Christmas found Timmy in deep contemplation. He wondered what he had done to lose the right to a pony. Timmy decided that he must be very careful, and resolved that each day throughout the following year would be spent doing good in the eyes of Santa. Continue Reading »

Merry Christmas (eve)!

christmas treeIts now Christmas Eve, and as you may know, it is Monday. I’ll be delaying the regularly scheduled Monday (and Wednesday) post for my Christmas Themed Meanderment which will be posted Christmas day (which is tomorrow, otherwise known as the 25th).

Remember, Santa is still watching you, so be good. Also be sure to leave out cookies and milk (but not chocolate chip cookies, despite popular belief Santa hates chocolate chip cookies).

cleavage vs crack

Paul writes:

Why is it that two pieces of flesh pushed together on a woman is called cleavage, but on a plumber is called a crack?

Generally speaking, cleavage is considered a good thing. While “plumbers crack” (which is not to be confused with crack cocaine) is considered a bad thing.

I don’t want to outright say one is better than the other. But let’s face it. If you had to live the rest of your life with one or the other; which would you choose? I think it’s obvious that we would all choose cleavage. This includes the ladies.

Let me explain. Continue Reading »

The Early Greeter

The Early Greeter. This is an individual we are all aware of. We know they lurk out there, in public places, cafes, hospitals, airports … these people have no boundaries.

Other people are awkward. It’s the human species natural reaction to itself. You’re casually walking down a long corridor. You notice 30 yards down another person rounds the corner. There really are no options. Its one long hallway, you are going one way, this person, the other way. At some point you must pass one another. Your eyes lock, and in unison you both look awkwardly toward the wall next to you, as if there were a vast picturesque landscape to observe. Continue Reading »

newsAs recent events have unfolded, its obvious the Ponder Line function is being quite the problem child.

I’m really really confused as to what this is. My latest suspicion is that my database is somehow “corrupt”. Not truly corrupt, but when i did the migration from the linux hosting and the upgrade from 2.1.1, I think there was more to the database management that I was (and currently) not aware of. I’ll be looking into this.

Notice the title does not say its “fixed”, just that its working. Which means i’ll get your requests now. :)


schizophrenia guy

Mat Writes:

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill themselves, is it considered a hostage situation or a murder?

The answer to this question is fairly simple. You write that the person “threatens”, meaning there has been no killing. Obviously this excludes murder as a possibility. But sometimes hostage situations evolve into murder.

You state “personalities”, which I’m inclined to believe is an indication of a third (possibly more) personality lurking about somewhere in the example. Continue Reading »

How Do You Know Love?

scary monkey

Natalie said:

How do you know if you’re in love? If thats really what it is.

Love is a tragedy. Which when you think about it, is a really good thing, right? It plays so well into the genre. Love is the tearing of souls which allows them to mend together in the forming of a greater being.

Or so the theory goes, it’s all unproven speculation at this point.

Love is a tragedy, not in the way you think it is, or in the way that the Notebook* portrays it to be. Instead it is one of those great tools that is over used and to a great degree, used in ways unintended. Continue Reading »


Paul Writes:

Why is it that we are told to cleave together as husband and wife. Yet a cleaver splits or separates apart, and cleavage implies space between two objects?

In the world there exist individuals. These individuals start out in what we call “not” a relationship. As time goes on, and due to the general makeup of our human nature, we tend to become drawn to one another. Its during this “drawing” time, which some may refer to as “dating”, that these individuals get to know one another more personally.

This period of dating is prone to allot of closeness and other fuddlebuddle. You may not know the meaning of fuddlebuddle, let me explain. Continue Reading »

Overly Friendgenic

smiling girl

Meg wrote:

I am really good at meeting people and making them like me, but after I have talked to them for a bit, I have no desire to form a friendship. These are nice people, and I could have tons of friends, but I don’t have any interest. People often think I am their best friend, and this surprises me, because I think of them as an acquaintance.

What’s wrong with me?

You specifically point out something is wrong with you. I’ll also approach this as your problem.

Off the top of my head, here are a few things that could potentially be wrong with you… Continue Reading »

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