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Cogs In Life

We are born. We are raised. We are educated. We choose a career. We reproduce. We die.

Metaphorically speaking, society is a huge clock tower. And we as individuals are cogs in that clock tower.

Where do I fit in?

That seems to be the golden question. Everyone passes through a phase in his or her life. Wondering which cog he or she might be.

Take yourself for example. Continue Reading »

Vacation Time!

newsAlright gangsta’s. I’m on vacation as we speak. Vacation means that I take a break from work and other things. would fall under the “other things catagories”. Which means this weeks post will either not happen or will be delayed.

(i’m i california, yeay!)

looking for success
Life is to be alive. But life is to be balanced. Life will always be balanced. There may be a short period, or short delay between the large changes and the balance counteracting that change. In the end, it’s all balanced.

I want to discuss one element of life, and how balance is maintained in relation to its presence in our own lives.

A hamster wheel: A round circle which is hollowed in the middle, suspended on a hinge. It turns in place.

Dreaming: A state of mind unto itself. Sorting, shifting, and processing. Dreaming is the only real form of escape. Continue Reading »


mark wrote:

What is a cougar? Is it just a hot older woman or is it based upon age?

For example, would one consider a woman a cougar if the male is 18 and the woman is 24? (the 18 year old male would call this 24 year old woman a cougar?)
does a cougar have to be a certain age beyond ##?
does it require a woman who had been married at some point?


Well the two comparisons are somewhat the same. On the one hand you have “Is it just a hot older woman”. And on the other hand you have “Or is it based upon age?”

The criteria is “older” in this case. However there is a certain limit, which is where it is “based upon age”. And to make matters more complicated, its an ever evolving benchmark. One which is unique to each person.

Example time! Continue Reading »

nerdy guy and hottish girl

mark wrote:

Why do nice guys finish last and why do girls like to date assholes? Why are hot girls super bitches and the nice ones usually fat and/or ugly? (obviously this isn’t speaking about everyone, but generally speaking, I do see a pattern. Why? I ponder.)

Mark this is a phenomena many have noted over the age of men. Of course, I’m only speaking of the last 10 or so years. Which isn’t the full span of the “age of men” but I think you get my point.

There are really two types of “why is that hot girl dating [type of guy]?” questions. Continue Reading »

boy tv

Parker M. says:

I have a hard time watching movies while standing. I think its impossible to enjoy movies while doing anything but sitting.

I think we can all agree that movies are difficult to watch while standing.

Granted, this really only applies to full feature-length movies; commercials and short films don’t count (and their not really movies).

I’ve given this some thought, you know, because thats what I do. Few situations Continue Reading »

sad clownOkay, its not as dramatic as I make it out to be. However, school starts tomorrow. Which means I’ll be posting only one item per week (as apposed to the three I’ve been doing). I am also going to try and make each one I have count, because its the only time in the week I’ll get to be with you guys/girls. I’ll want to make it count.

Don’t worry! I have a plan in place to restore to its glory (actually give it much more glory). I’m going to be involved with the writing type of folk while at school. My plan is to recruit a number of people to write for This way we get something fresh every day.


*golf clap*

PS. Due to the server issues, I’m not sure everyone has seen my most recent writing. I’m pretty proud of it considering the circumstances it was created under (very late at night, last minute, turned out great I think). Be sure to read/listen, its called Homeless people have jobs too!.

Credits to the image goes to Daniel, it was found on this site.

newsAlright, so sometime early Wednesday morning (probably 4:00am is my unsubstantiated guess) the server hosting went down. I didn’t find out about it until about 10:30am.

I tried the server and found it unresponsive. So I called my host and they confirmed it was down (thanks guys /sarcasm). They tried rebooting the server, which didn’t help, it was still dead. At this point they informed me they needed to escalated it to the advanced hosting support or something like that.

Meanwhile everything was dead.

A day passes and still nothing from my host, and suddenly I get the bright idea to redirect to another hosting account I had available to me. Shame on me, because I actually should have thought of it the moment things went south. Anyway, after doing that visitors were greeted with the following message… Continue Reading »

homeless man

Now featuring Listen-As-You-Read!

How many of you have been going about your daily routine, and happened to see that random homeless person going about their way?

I can tell you I have, and let me just say this, I’ve never thought too deeply about the life of a homeless person.

In the past I’ve seen the homeless in their natural habitat. Which would be not at home; or wait, by nature would their being out in the streets qualify as home? I mean, think about it, if a person is homeless, than technically nowhere is home for them; which means they are always home! Continue Reading »


Natalie wrote:

So have you ever felt so alone that you feel like you are the only person in the world that knows how your feeling? Or you’re the only person you can really truly talk to because no one else cares…. or doesn’t get it?

I’m not talking about just no one to talk to about problems… I’m talking about there are people there; just no one gets it … really. They all say “oh I’m sorry” or “oh yeah I get it” when inside you’re like “LIAR you have no idea!!!”

I just feel lately I’m surrounded by people but I’m so alone. Which is a strange feeling because I thought being alone was always literally being alone … not being surrounded by people and having no where to turn.

I don’t know what it is about people, but they constantly keep outside my grasp of understanding. So yes, you could say I feel or have felt the way you describe yourself feeling.

You may be entering (or are in the middle of) an adjustment phase. A phase where you are leaving an old part of yourself; one which was fulfilled by the friends and social circumstances you currently have. And the new you, the fresh and untested you, requires a deeper connection with the world around you. Continue Reading »

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