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Bed Pan Of Humanity

image coming soon

Paul wrote:

What is it about the Bed Pan experience that brings equality to humanity?

In the beginning there was man.

At that time man was basic. Both in communication and understanding. As well as in function. Man required few functions to maintain a satisfactory lifestyle.

Those items consisted of eating, drinking, and dispensing of said eat and drink.

That is the connection each of us as human beings carry one with another. This connection cannot be severed. Continue Reading »

Bombs and hero's

Cassie wrote:

Okay, let’s say you’re put in a situation (you can pretend if you want to be Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris or McGuyver or heck, Dillon from Beverly Hills 90210) where you have to dismantle a bomb. There are 3 wires. A blue one, red one and a yellow one. How would you decide which wire to cut? Would it be as simple as ”Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Moe”? or would there be some cosmic mathematical equation that would help you choose?


An excellent question.

I’m going to be Chuck Norris in this situation. I’ll assume those characters were listed at random. As Chuck would handily dispatch of Jack Bauer…though Jacks shouting would definitely be intimidating. And the 90210 boy is obviously just the whipping boy for either of the aforementioned heroes.

I’ve never been too keen on math per se, and I would doubt any results of Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Moe.

This leaves me with a riddle.

Again, I’ll put myself in Continue Reading »

A Dog and O.C.D.

OCD dog

Mat wrote:

How can I get my dog to stop being so crazy? He runs around in circles for hours on end for no apparent reason. The vet says he has OCD. Is there any hope of him being normal without prescription drugs? What do you suggest I do?


A dog with OCD is quite the spectacle. Back where I grew up, if we had a dog as useless as the one you describe; it would probably have been terminated (put to sleep, clubbed, etc).

If you do not live on a farm. And assuming the dog does not play any necessary role in the ecosystem of your farm. I’d say you can let this one live. Continue Reading »

Memorial Day

American Cemetery at Omaha Beach

Memorial Day is a day that we have set aside to honor those past. Those who gave their life fighting for their beliefs.

These are people we may not personally feel close to. But they are close to us. It is their sacrifice that allows each of us the privileges and joy of choosing our own way in life.

We look forward in life to our education, our careers, our homes, our families.

These luxuries are available to you through the sacrifice of those before you. Specifically, men and women of the armed forces. Whose efforts to bring these things to you cost them their lives.

We should not feel guilt for their loss. This would rob them of their sacrifice. We should be humbled. And in this, we should remember who we are. And remember that these privileges we bask in every day are not ours. But they are a gift given to us by a culmination of those past; who are unable to share them with us.

This Memorial Day be happy. While you attend your BBQ’s and gatherings with family and friends. Remember those great people before us who selflessly gave their lives. Keep them in your hearts and minds, in this you can share with them the joys they have enabled you.

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Curiosity Rising

elementary school dealers

Blackmat wrote:

More and more I am hearing about these pills you can take for male enhancement?
What are they talking about? How can an individual take a pill and be enhanced?


You are just now hearing of them?

I’m surprised, as this is something which has easily reached the elementary level of our public schooling systems. In order for a 5th grade drug dealer to earn his/her chops, he/she has to have easy access to male enhancement, oxycotton, speed, and mary janyne.

Though I could be wrong.

Enhancement is a funny thing. Steroids are an enhancement that will allow you to perform better in all physical tasks, with the exception of intercourse. The enhancement comes in the form of added endurance, and increased strength.

Ecstasy (MDMA), the Continue Reading »



William wrote:

So… is it true that we only use 10% of our brains at any given time?

No, this is not true.

Pending my research, which may never happen, my synopsis is such.

Whomever it was that originally came up with this claim did so under a set of circumstances. Originally I wanted to just call them idiots, but then it takes one to know one… Really, if you think about it, and I think you want to, a scientist somewhere along the way was conducting an experiment or doing whatever scientists do. And based on his most recent works; concluded that we as humans only use 10% of our brains.

The problem is that Continue Reading »

Audibly Falling Forestry

falling tree

Bryan wrote:

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it…does it make any sound?

No, the tree does not make a sound. The impact of the fall does.

I think this question arose from the types of theory that question whether the world we see, hear, and feel is really there at all. And everything we perceive is a creation of our own imagination.

Whether or not we all exist physically with one another, I’m not sure it matters. Those that believe, or who try to prove these types of theories to be correct still die. Either they physically die (reality) or they stop existing in my imagination (theory).

My point is that the end is the same, they are no more. Believe whichever you prefer, it won’t change the way the world responds around you.

Unless of course the theory is correct, and right now, you were to imagine yourself dead.

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social inhibitions

I was at a grocery store over the weekend; replenishing my languishing food supplies. At the tail end of my shopping extravaganza I found myself waiting in line. There were 4 lines; each one was pretty evenly filled, with about 3 shopping carts to the line.

Seeing this backup, the manager of the store announced he would ring someone up, pointing to an empty checkout lane. He began clearing some items to make way to this checkout lane, and found he had no takers.

Being an energetic fellow, he began waving his arms and hollering Continue Reading »

Continue Reading »

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