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Ponder Live! S01E05

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The Meaning Of Life

happy money gold yeay

Mat wrote:

What is the meaning of life? … [Is it] love? I hardly believe [love] could have any relevance let alone be the purpose. What are your thoughts on this?

The meaning of life is to find true happiness.

The purpose of love is to provide barrier to our ever discovering true happiness. As we all know; anything worth having is worth fighting for.

True happiness is like the Holy Grail of things worth fighting for. Being that it is the ultimate end-all to prizes obtainable in this life. It naturally has associated a great deal of grief (in obtainment).

The easiest way to prove this is Continue Reading »

Gun Control

Gun Control Man (no eyes)

Stronzo wrote:

There are those out there who feel that banning guns will make America safer. What do you think about gun control?

The idea behind gun control is excellent. If there are no guns available. People cannot die from guns. It works out very well on paper.

The actual real world application of gun control responds much differently.

People love killing people. It’s just human nature, and is prevalent throughout the history of mankind. It’s always been there.

The real change has been Continue Reading »

Apes in my Genes

cassie wrote:

If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Perhaps apes represent a banner of our past. Or maybe they are just proof that humans don’t actually evolve. Given any political scene, its easy to see a vast majority of humans have not advanced beyond the intelligence of an ape. Even a 21st century ape.

Another possibility is that Continue Reading »

Transcending Afterlife

Transcending Afterlife

Time to theororize a bit.

For this theororization session we need to set some grounds of speculation. First we are assuming that there is indeed an afterlife. This afterlife is occupied by the spiritual representatives of each character. Characters being people, animals, trees … and willow wisps. Some people say that tree’s cry when you cut them; so we’ll let them be on that list.

With that assumption in mind.

My thoughts led me to wonder. What is it like for an individual to pass from this existence (world) onto the next while high?

Some argue that Continue Reading »

—Keep up-to-date with the past Ponder Live! broadcasts—

Ponder Live! New And Improved (S01E03)
Ponder Live! A Monotone Continuation (S01E02)
Ponder Live! A Void Introduction (S01E01)

uncle rico loves high school

Andrew wrote:

I have now been graduated from high school for a year now. Oh and how good it feels to get out of all the drama, classes, and crappy lunches… can’t say lunches get any better but still. Well I was just wonder what makes a kid live his past. Always wanting to go back. Living for the next reunion. Why?

High School serves a purpose for each individual privileged enough to attend.

For some it is education. For others it is social development. And for a few it is a nightmare that seemingly won’t end despite the absence of attendance after graduation.

I believe the people you are referring too would fall under my second category. Those whose primary benefit of high school was the social aspects. Usually they are unable to let go of high school because they were unable to develop past the level of social advancement high school offers. As a result of not Continue Reading »

The End of the World

earth in coffin

Amy wrote:

When will the world end, and how?

That is a misconception. The world has no end.

I suppose it all depends on how you want to look at “end”. What does end mean? Does it indicate a completion of a stage of being? Or a state of existence? Or is it complete removal from existence?

It also depends on what the word “world” means to you. Is it just the cognitive recognition of yourself?

The world may simply be your existence in earth. If that is Continue Reading »

The Death Penalty

sad face death syringe

Stronzo wrote:
Arizona just executed a man that had been on death row since the early 80’s…at his request. What do you think of the death penalty?

The death penalty is a funny thing. On the one hand, there are those who are wrongfully convicted of a crime they did not commit; and subsequently executed.

On the other hand, there are those out there who did in fact commit those crimes, and leave little to question their right and privilege as a living individual was excused by the committing of said crime(s).

On another note entirely; you mention this was done on his request.

I think it’s ironic that one cannot Continue Reading »

—Keep up-to-date with the past Ponder Live! broadcasts—

Ponder Live! A Monotone Continuation (S01E02)
Ponder Live! A Void Introduction (S01E01)

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