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conflict III
Picking up from where we left off in Part II; Be sure to read Part II. And Part I before that.

You hear a door slam shut. You’re not sure what building you are in now. A man dressed in a black suit, which seems to match perfectly with the pitch black surrounding emerges into the faint glow, an unknown ambient light above.

He gives you a pleasant smile and gestures for you to take a seat. There is a table and chair which moments ago were not there. Or maybe you had just not noticed them. Either way, you take a seat.

The man introduced himself, “Hello, I’ll be your neutral representative today”.

Your confusion is evident in the tone of your voice, “My what?”

The man stops what he is doing and looks toward you, “Your neutral – as in unbiased – representative.”

If you knew any better you’d say he had just grown impatient with you. But the pleasant smile he displayed immediately after speaking to you conveyed a different message. You are confused; it’s an odd sort of conflict, one which does not require your decision.

The man removes from his slim briefcase a document, handing this to you he says “please sign here” jabbing at several more locations “and initial, here, here and here”.

You reply, “What’s this?”

“This document states that you recognize and acknowledge you are dead.”

Despite your apparent lack of response, your mind cannot seem to get around this idea. You look at the paper and without reading you give your visitor an uncertain glance.

Is it possible? Could you be dead? You suspect this is a trick. After all, you’d imagined death to be so much different. The paperwork was a dead giveaway.

You flatly state to this visitor, “You’re lying.”

The visitor needs a name; you decide to call him Visitor. Ironic you know, but it is after all, just a name.

Visitor straightens up from leaning over his open briefcase; he lays down the document he was examining. And with an air of contempt and a sharp tone “Please, do tell how is it that I, being your unbiased representative, could be lying to you?”

Silence hangs in the air; you suspect he is not waiting for an answer.

Visitor continues, “After all, if I were lying to you, it would suggest that I had an opinion. And I do not; therefore it is impossible that I could lie to you.”

You respond with a blank stare. You feel confused, he is a good actor. You’ll give him that.

Just then you hear a door slam. The same one you’d heard previously upon Visitors entrance to your reality. Except this time you see a bright light, the figure of a man is walking toward you and Visitor. As he nears you are able to make out more detail. He appears to be engulfed in a blanket of softly licking flames. Each footstep leaves behind a lingering flame, flickering slightly before expiring in the blackness.

To Be Continued…

Continued on Part IV.

Title image used with permissionand courtesy of Epiphany, check out the original here.

Read it in the bathroom! Print It! Read it in the bathroom! Print It!

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