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Lisa and Natalie wrote:

Dear Stephen,

Our question is simple – What is love?

Is it simply the caring for another in which case you could possibly love many? Or what would you say “love” is?

Love is a currency. It is used to purchase tangible products, as well as those intangible, yet desirable, privileges.

Its also a very volatile currency.

Love is a process of actions and responses which will allow for a psychological bonding between two persons. When an individual interacts with another, they are simply racking up the scoreboard in the game of love.

Mistakes are often made, and this is the danger of love, your score can be completely wiped out. In some cases, it can even become deficit.

Caring for another is one way of fostering a regenerating supply of currency. It also is not limited to one individual, but the limit is placed on the abilities of the subject attempting to generate love.

You may be familiar with the phrase “money cant buy happiness”. Well, that’s because the commonly used currencies in each society is a poor implementation of a value system. With the currency of love, one can buy anything their heart desires.

Example time!

I’m now going to list a series of items (both tangible and intangible). I will then provide a brief summary explaining what is required to purchase each.

A Rose

One of the more simply attained items. This is one which for girls can be purchase with a minimal amount of love. Generally speaking these are given out freely by men. However it is much more difficult for a man to purchase a rose with love. That’s the crazy dynamic of the love currency. A man must either be gay or be very convincing in order to get a rose using only the love currency.

A Jacket

A much more difficult item to obtain. Assuming you are attempting to purchase this from a fresh contact, this may require a greater amount of time to achieve. However, it is fairly simply once a proper method is applied. That method being dating and spending exclusive time with the individual you are hoping to buy the jacket from.

A Car

Now we are getting into the minor leagues, the real hard stuff. A car requires some serious devotion to the craft of love generating. Don’t be surprised if it takes a year or more of steady work in order to get a high enough score with which to purchase this car.

A House

You thought a car was hard? Get this, in order to purchase a house with love. You’ll pretty much need to commit to as much as half a decade. I suppose if you were to cheat the system you could get away with a year plus; however assuming you are an eco-friendly love generator. A house requires anywhere from 3-10 years of devoted love centric activity in order to purchase in full.

A Business

I think we can safely say we are in the major leagues now. A business requires about the same amount of time (a little more) than a house. However, the complexity and skill of your love generating abilities raise dramatically.

A Friend

Back to the little leagues. Depending on the quality of friend you want. A friend can be purchased for almost as little or as much as you care to spend.

A Spouse

See “A friend”, only add several layers of complexity.


This is probably one of the harder things to purchase with love, simply because it’s so elusive. Not only are you dealing with the love currency, but your dealing with political skills, navigational skills, and other undocumented phenomena occur which effect your ability to purchase happiness.


Contrasting happiness, sadness is one of the easier items to purchase with love. You simply need to pursue the same activity to achieve happiness. Then either yourself defect. Or find that the person you chose to purchase happiness from does not share your goal and terminates the service.


Again, pursue happiness, and then add a second contract without allowing the first contract to be aware of this additional commitment in your life.

A Small Country

Much more difficult simply because few people have a small country with which to sell you. Granted, it is rarely ever a “title transfer” but a timeshare is almost as good.

A Large Country

See small country, only you are even further restricted in possible candidates.

As you can see love is a pretty simple concept. It’s just a matter of understanding how it works.

Let’s hear it from the other readers, what else can you buy with love?

Title image used with permission and courtesy of amaya-night-rain, check out the unaltered original here.

Read it in the bathroom! Print It! Read it in the bathroom! Print It!

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  1. on 02 Dec 2007 at 10:16 ammat

    to me, love is charging a beautiful women to have sex with me then to have her declare free fornication rights at the end of it.

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