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nuclear explosion
There is one element consistently present in our world.

Let’s preface this with a little disclaimer.

I’m no historian, I’ve not studied. This opinion is an accumulation of my overall observances throughout my “life”. I quota “life” because this writing will not encompass the entirety of what I’ve observed throughout the time I’ve been “here”. I’m going to stop explaining why I quotate now.

There is one consistent element that can be found at any given time in the history of humanity. This is that there has always been some ill meaning person or persons trying to screw things up for their own gain.

How does that apply to our current day?

As it stands, we are in the middle of a conundrum. We have a president that many hate for the Iraq situation, among other things. We have a lack of WMD’s in Iraq. We have supposed Global Warming. We have different countries flexing their collective nuclear muscles. And everyone is pointing at everyone as an explanation of why everything is all screwed up.

What is the difference between all of human history, and above described circumstances? Nothing! It’s the same it has always been, same kids, just different play toys.

The reason this particular time seems so much more screwed up than the others? It is you living it.

It’s you, it’s me, and it’s us being emotionally involved. Instead of reading about it in the history books, and thinking “aw gee that’s pretty messed up”. We are vegging in front of the TV watching CNN saying “aw gee that’s pretty messed up”. It happens to be occurring during the time that you exist, that you are alive, big whoop.

But really what is the worse that can happen?

It’s a matter of perception for that current event. What is the worse possible happening? In our current day, I think the ultimate worse might be that classic, and oft hollywooded nuclear holocaust. If all nations were to be to a large degree obliterated by nuclear attack, and humanity were set back to the proverbial Stone Age.

Or what if an organized attack was placed upon this nations water supplies? Not to destroy their flow, but to poison the water. We already have a drought, would we be able to manage?

In each case there would no longer be people to operating all the systems, services, and conveniences that we take for granted in our day to day living.

But is that really the worse?

It depends on who you talk to. Perhaps the worse that could happen from the point of view of the world spiritual leaders is humanity as a whole degradating themselves to a point of senselessness in which anything goes and is accepted en mass. To them this is a gesture of welcoming these calamities (nuclear war, dought, plague, et cetera) which in effect bring people to their senses.

Others may feel the worse that could happen is humanity as a whole feeling that they are limited in some way by some spiritual element. To them the worse that could happen is humanity conforming to what some group of people is saying, a religion or a spiritual leader.

Yet here we are. No matter what, we are conforming to something. We supposedly have a democracy. We have the ideal that is supported by the largest group of people. Or the ideal that is perceived to be supported the most winning out.

It’s a huge circle and it doesn’t matter. Each part of the circle ends up leading to the next which, given enough time, leads back to the same point.

This brings us to the question; what is the point?

It’s the damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. Whichever way we turn as a people will surely have sour individuals looking to their own agenda.

The problem is we have no way to trust anything anyone is saying. There is no trust. There is no longer any value to having a witness or a collective group of individuals stating the truth of something, because that no longer holds value. Everyone is a liar. The only reason people tell the truth anymore is if it happens to be what needs to be said to get what they want. Jerks.

Title image used with permission and courtesy of Chris Brodie, check out the unaltered original here.

Read it in the bathroom! Print It! Read it in the bathroom! Print It!

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