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Americans are fat, excessive, unrestrained gluttonous pigs. Their houses too large for the too few kids they have. Their cars following the same axiom. Spending excess money on appearance, entertainment, and high priced fancies (see Jewelry, apparel, et cetera).

The above is not too difficult to find. Here in the United States we have the media (television, magazines, etc) whose primary focus is the display and glorification of these luxury items. Huge houses and lavish spending; it is also evident walking around the streets. More-so in some streets than others (here’s looking at you Scottsdale).

The funny thing about all of this mess is the label it’s given. Let’s look at this again. I’ll take my first paragraph, and I’ll reword it.

Americans People are fat, excessive, unrestrained gluttonous pigs. Their They seek houses too large, for the too few kids they have and shun responsibility. Their cars follow the same axiom. They revel in Spending excess money on appearance, entertainment, and high priced fancies (see Jewelry, apparel, et cetera).

The problem I am addressing is most prevalent in the current American society. But to label the problem as an American problem is irresponsible. The problem is a people problem.

Humans by nature have great potential. Along with all that potential, they also have great weakness. These weaknesses are evident through all human history. Chief among them is the weakness for carnal pleasures. Another prominent weakness is power.

Humans naturally have a deep hunger for power and control (e.g., abuse); yet lack the basic ability to control what little power and control they are able to obtain. Those who do obtain excessive power are almost always excellent examples of how-not-to-use-power.

Let’s look at government bodies. The United States was formed, declarations signed, and laws given.

It’s the people in the position that makes the body as a whole seem corrupt and rotten. Intent is like fruit, its good for a while, but in time, it can become rotten. I say this because a law may be created which addresses an issue that is present due to a number of circumstances. Over time, those circumstances change.

Not only this, but the person or persons behind the law or those things the law was designed to protect change, or become replaced. These people are often of different caliber than those previous. And everyone has their idea of how things should operate.

It’s these evolutionary changes in people that laws are naturally defenseless against.

Let’s not get off track though. This encompasses the human race in its entirety. To think that one race or another can handle wealth or power more easily than another is idiotic. Give me a knowledgeable historian, and I’ll give you someone who can provide numerous accounts of power abuse throughout all of mankind’s diverse races.

The reason that America and Americans in general are so easily painted in this way is in the economy.

Up until the most recent months the American dollar has been stronger than those currencies of other countries. Which indicates there is a large amount of wealth and with wealth comes power et cetera.

We have on our hands a people whose country has risen to power and remained for a long period of time. And just as the cycle of life turns, so do the corrupt among them materialize.

My point in all of this is that no matter which society is given as an example; there will always remain a sufficient number within that group who are at their core corrupt and selfish. Just as one apple is able to spoil the entire bushel of apples, so are these people able to paint a poor picture for those associated through nationality.

Title image used with permission and courtesy of Afiq Omar, check out the original here.

Read it in the bathroom! Print It! Read it in the bathroom! Print It!

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