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The Eye of Time Travel

Mark wrote:

This question is a two part question – in regards to time travel, mankind, and history.

If one wanted, could they go back in time and sleep with as many women as possible to effect the world population into one race (going to the beginning and not being racist)?

If yes, then has someone already gone back?

If that is the case, do the Chinese and Indians have a time machine?

If no, then do you think that for time travel, there would be time travel style? Like i would travel in a DeLorian and Jennifer L. from the block would drive a small time travel pod?

Be sure to read Part I of this Ponderment.

I doubt someone has already gone back. Though given the choices you present. I’d suspect the Chinese over anybody else. Everyone knows that all cool electronics come from China (and a time machine, though it has yet to be invented, is simply a very large electronic gadget).

To explain the gynormous number of humans in and around China (though not outside the boundaries of China) I think we can look to war.

What is it that spurs humans to achieve the grandest and most amazing feats? Aside from steroids? It’s the instinct of survival.

See, unbeknown to the majority of people, there is this little island near to China called Japan. Contained on this island (its actually a group of islands) are the Japanese people. I’m not going to delve into details here, as I am no historian, but somewhere along the way China pulled Japans hair and Japan became all sorts of ticked off.

Someone had to go and ruin the game by killing somebody else (it’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out), and as a result war broke out. Both sides were pretty serious, and people were dying. Obviously when people die they have a way of leaving a nostalgic avenge-my-death type of atmosphere.

Meanwhile both sides are busily avenging the deaths of their comrades. Unfortunately both sides are pretty good at this whole avenging business, and the ranks of each side begin to dwindle. It was around this time that the leaders of China realize (I’m sure Japan’s leaders had the same epiphany) that if this war was going to continue, they would need more soldiers. I don’t know the details, but the result was a huge increase in the population.

Lo and behold the war did not continue as anticipated, despite the fact that they never did hug and made-up, both refrained from killing each other.

This left both sides with allot of spare people. This isn’t to say that people were spare as in a spare tire. But spare like “oh hey Johnny, yeah sorry we already have 4 players on each team, you wanna sit this one out?” like that.

This addresses a portion of your question, but what about style?

Time Travel does have a style. Like everything else, Time Travel style is subject to evolution. It will start out with a style which to our modern taste and appreciation will be very unstylish. This is because it is highly unlikely that you and Jennifer are going to discover Time Travel first.

Don’t be offended, let me explain.

From the comments that “V” left on the first part of this Ponderment, it is readily apparent that you are an individual with great modern day appeal. I’m confident your style is well refined, and many of the opposite sex (in this case, female) find your style to be appealing. Jennifer included.

It is my suspicion that your style, as natural as it may be, was partially developed over time. Which required a certain degree of devotion. It was during this same period of time, that your arch nemesis was engaged in efforts which will eventually lead him or her to discovering the Time Machine. In reality, this person is not your arch nemesis, but due to my drawing a comparison between the two, I’ve effectively corralled you two into a fight, pokémon style.

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Title image used with permission and courtesy of BlakkReign, check out the original here.

Read it in the bathroom! Print It! Read it in the bathroom! Print It!

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