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man and woman
Let’s discuss women and the attraction thereof in relation to a man. I’ll serve as an example, but this is a discussion intended for all male members of society.

The example is a white male, slim build, brown eyes, brown hair, nothing too exciting. Aside from the highly likely wallflower scenario, there is no readily apparent feature would cause him to stand out to a woman at a social gathering.

What is lacking?

Well there is the age. He appears to be 19 years old (appears, not actual age). In general terms this is not an age that is given to much worldly progress. Perhaps some schooling, maybe a few jobs here and there. Plus, look at the way he is dressed! His clothes look like he pulled them out of the laundry basket or off the floor, yeah, huge chick-magnet material right there.

What does he need?

First to understand this approach, one must look to the basic foundation of human nature. Humans are a species. In the eyes of evolution there is the male and the female of the species. The male is the aggressor or in other words the initiator. The female is seducer and works to attract this attention.

In this perspective of the situation, what does our example need in order to be successful?

First, bringing things back into focus; given that humans are somewhat elaborate in their conscious (in contrast to a Tiger, Cheetah, or Aye-aye.) the criteria for engagement is set by either party (male/female) previous to the actual social event. These are not necessarily criteria tailored specifically for the social even (though that certainly may be an element) but will generally be overall criteria applied to each day.

For the male it is an expectation of physical attraction in addition to that spark which resides between two individuals who have chemistry or in other words find one another agreeable. However, due to the natural wiring of men, the former usually takes precedence, while the latter is given further scrutiny at following encounters (should they occur).

The female in this situation plays a different game. Being that she is not traditionally the aggressor and a portion of the female peer-base look down on this behavior. There exists a more complex set of unwritten — not rules — but guidelines.

Let’s just assume for this example that the female chooses not to be aggressive (in the traditional sense, as they are very aggressive within their own guidelines).

What are her options?

She has 3 primary elements at her disposal. Those being visual (body language, eye contact), touch (slight brushing of the arm, a friendly hand on elbow), and smell (perfume, the smell-good stuff).

Those are the primary tools for capturing her prey. I say it this way, because even though the girl is not thought of as the hunter. It often is the case that given her strict criteria (often based off of lack of options and distasteful experiences in past similar encounters) that she becomes the delegate of these encounters. Immediately shutting off all communication (the three primary’s) if the subject (the guy) triggers any sort of alarm (smells bad, looks fugly, is annoying, et cetera). She cannot simply rely on one of these tools. It must be an orchestrated balance between all available resources.

Back to our subject.

Our example peers out over the room, witnessing a sea of shifting heads and an ocean of possible opportunities.

Given that he possesses no readily apparent POA (Point Of Attraction) he is in somewhat of a crapshoot situation. Because of this lack of POA he must rely on those HTA’s (Hidden Treasure Attribute) in order to bring appeal to the table when dining with that potential female.

Given the nature of treasure, these are items which are buried beneath the personality, something that cannot easily be unearthed. These things take time; otherwise they would not be a treasure.

The first observation we can make is that this is not the optional scene for him. This social party does not allow for a setting in which his HTA can be nurtured into view.

The golden key.

What is it that will transform this seemingly bland package into something appealing for the ladies?

He could be more aware of his clothing status (Are they ironed? Do they pass the sniff test?). He could pay more attention to his hair. He could put effort into his personality in an attempt to improve his approachability. All these things will help in the overall picture. But they cannot be considered the golden key. The one thing that transforms everything.

This of course is money. Everyone knows that the way to a woman’s heart is through a man’s wallet.


Look for part two next week! Part II has been posted! Click here!

Title image used with permission and courtesy of Thomas Loreille, check out the original here.

Read it in the bathroom! Print It! Read it in the bathroom! Print It!

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3 Responses to “Social SNAFU: An Insight On The Pursuit Of Evolution (Part I)”

  1. on 15 Oct 2007 at 5:52 pmMarcus

    I have a lvl 13 POA with a +6 chain mail and the magical hammer of destiny which adds +2 to parry.

  2. on 15 Oct 2007 at 7:17 pmStephen

    hahaha, awesome.

    Unfortunately all I have is this wimpy lvl 32 H.T.A. which is fantastic and all but i never get to use it due to the rule of y.a.f. which states an asset cannot be presented unless it is preceded by an extensive research period as well as documented proof that it is necessary in order to proceed in a relationship.

  3. […] weeks Meanderment Social SNAFU: An Insight On The Pursuit Of Evolution (Part I) ended on a particularly genuine […]

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