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heather wrote:

I was wondering what you think the best form of paying crime is?

To answer your question shortly, and keeping to the criteria that the activity is financially beneficial while also being illegal. I’d say some form of drug activity.

However, if we were to take into consideration benefits such as health, working conditions and other factors of the job? Drug related ventures drop a few notches on the list.

This is because with drugs, there is a great amount of risks. You may become addicted to your own product. Your next customer may shank you, stealing the content of your wallet. You also deal with higher levels of stress due to the always looming possibility of unwelcome police visitors.

Plus, drug related activities involve copious amounts of footwork. There is running to meet a client. Running to buy new product. Running from the cops. A whole lot of movement as you can tell. You never know if you’ll end up running from the client, or running from the presentation of said new product. Quite a few unknowns involved there.

Let’s talk about jail time. In legal circles drugs are usually considered a pretty bad no-no. They involve extensive amounts of jail time, which means you should be ready for a little sexual exploration. Not by choice, but it’s wise to at least realize the possibility in your new environment.

Therefore, it is my opinion that the best form of paying crime is computer related. Its not identity theft (they always catch you). It’s not porn (that’s not illegal …unless it involves kids, but that’s a different story, and generally not profitable).

The real money lies in spam.

Yup, those messages you encounter every time you open your email. The people who make a living from that do so under the best of circumstances.

First of all, they are geeky, nerdy, and nobody questions why they live in a huge house with lots of nice cars, and no women. It all makes sense.

Secondly, they work from home! How awesome is that!? Very.

In the world of spam you rarely if ever meet your clients face to face. The money is transferred electronically so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Once your operation is setup, it’s basically mule work to keep the machine fed and the filters avoided (yes, producing spam successfully is a lot of work).

You do have to be very careful, people will hate you. You still have to be cautious of the cops. But let’s face it, if you get caught, especially if you don’t have a record. The jail time is going to be minimal in comparison to drug related jail time. It’s less likely you’ll have to be someone’s little princess while in jail (due to the facilities you’ll likely reside in). And in all likelihood, due to your pale skin (assuming your Caucasian) and feeble nature, the feds will probably let you out of prison after a short period of your sentence has been served.

The worse part of being caught as a spammer is that you’ll likely be fined enough to drain all your ill gotten gains, which is simply depressing (from a spammer’s point of view).

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Title image used with permission and courtesy of HarletteScreamFight, check out the original here.

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4 Responses to “Your Opportunities On The Crime Job Market”

  1. on 13 Oct 2007 at 12:15 pmMarcus

    So… I’m going to have to disagree on this one… Of course the narcotics industry is probably the most noticeable and the largest as a whole, but… It is in my opinion that if you were actually good at whatever form of crime you selected, and could pull it off, then bank robbery would be the best.

    There is not nearly as much risk involved as in the drug industry, because you don’t have warlords chasing after you, and you rarely have to worry about a mutiny of sorts because there are fewer henchmen in your operation, and if you choose wisely you shouldn’t have a problem. So… that being said, you also don’t have to worry about the federal government, because if you’re good enough they won’t know who you are, and so long as you don’t leave the state the feds won’t get involved.

    Additionally, the bank really won’t care all that much about you stealing their money because of the FDIC, so they’re insured for whatever losses they may incur, they’re not going to send their people after you.

    So, with bank robbery, it is not only quite lucrative, but it’s pretty much the only crime where the victim isn’t going to care that much about what you’ve done, and with narcotics you have all sorts of undercover cops, and foreign governments after you, it’s really just a hostile environment.

    If you can actually manage to get away without having been seen, or acquiring a dye packet (in which case you may have to launder the money or something that would make it difficult), you’re pretty much home free, whereas with the spamming; it’s highly likely that you will be caught eventually, no matter how good you are. So, unless you want to move to a country where laws against spamming and internet crimes don’t exist, then I’d go with bank robbery.

  2. on 13 Oct 2007 at 1:38 pmStephen

    Thank you for the contrasting opinion. You bring up some points that I’d not considered. Primarily the bank not being directly effected due to insurance coverage provided under FDIC.

    You are correct in highlighting some of the more disadvantageous points of being in the drug industry. With illicit drugs, most paths which involve conflict with another non-official (i.e., not police/federal) member or group in the industry leads to death. Warlords et cetera are not particularly interested in a drawn out system of finding one guilty of any myriad of charges. A drug lord generally rules by his emotions. If he is pissed off, the guy dies, if the guy can get him something he otherwise would not be able to easily obtain, he lives, until he is no longer useful, then he dies. These items I am pointing out are all supported and documented by the film industry.

    In the illegal world, drugs and warlords tend to be the worse you encounter.

    However, in the legal world (which is somewhat of an oxymoron as this all involves illegal activity) the worse you will run into (in the USA) are the government sanctioned groups. I say this because once they are on your trail, they have legal ground to do so. Which means they are trained in your capture, and also they have a bit of an advantage given the civilized nature of the human species.

    However, I stand by the conclusion of the main writing; which was to say that spamming has the most appealing crime-to-profit-to-risk ratio. Here is why…

    Unlike with drugs and bank robbery, spamming has no victim. Drugs, the victim are the individuals who take the drugs, and the families effected by their actions. In bank robbery the victim is the bank, regardless of the insurance, it makes them look bad, and they don’t like it, they most certainly regard themselves as victims.

    With spamming who is the victim? Perhaps those who receive the messages, but thats more of an annoyance. Where is the act justifying a label of victimization? Nothing was taken from them.

    Even further, with bank robbery, it is dealing with physical properties. The cash that you want to take? It is physical mass, it has weight, which means it needs hands to pick it up and hands to move it. It also means that it can be more easily protected. Which inherently is a greater risk in the bank robbery industry.

    Plus, to say “get away without having been seen” with bank robbery, and not also apply it to the other side of the argument is not a fair assessment at all. I am striking it from the records. As i could easily invalidate your following comment by saying that “if your good enough” you’ll cover your electronic tracks in spamming, and never get caught.

    Its not a matter of your skill in the given crime, as much as its a recognition of the inherent risk and elements to each type of crime.

  3. on 13 Oct 2007 at 1:41 pmStephen

    oh wow, thats alot of writing…thats what i get for writing in such a tiny window. I cant see what I’ve done.

  4. on 05 Feb 2009 at 1:43 pmAnon Omuss

    I wouldn’t recommend drugs. as a D myself the risks stated above aren’t too accurate… except for the police. Dealing is easy, there’s not really any footwork involved seeing as how everybody comes to you. as long as you’re selective about who you do business with and have good networking skills you’re set. somebody “shanking” you wouldn’t generally happen, because if you’re cautious you’d think they were an idiot for bringing a knife to a gun fight. and even if they did, it wouldn’t be your wallet they were after. Sometimes people ask for a cut of your profit for doing business in their area. fuck’em. There’s conduct and edicate involved in business and if you don’t know it, don’t do it and stay the hell away from my area :)

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