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baby making machine

Kristen wrote:

Why are pregnant women with twins, triplets, etc. the same size as women with a single child?

The creation of children is a beautiful and highly complex thing. I do not assume that I can even begin to give it due glory in my writing. But I’ll touch on the subject for a fan.

Humans as a species are somewhat limited in our diversity when it comes to physical mass. Yes, we have our super skinny bulimia patents, and in contrast, our juggernaut food-bludgeoning overweight humans. But in general, we are all pretty much within reasonable proportions of one another. This is even more the case with pregnant women.

I say this, because in general bulimics are too unhealthy to get pregnant. While the aforementioned juggernauts are A) unable to attract the opposite sex and B) far too enamored with food to be interested in said pursuits.

Whether it be a mechanic of evolution, or a result of design; the baby-making machine is all the same.

We have this misconception that babies start as small fetus and grow into large fetus.

I like to compare it to those expandable sponge’ you can buy at Wal-mart, placing them under water will cause them to expand to their normal size.

Its the baby making machine that takes up all the room in women. Once that is in place (its a biological machine, assembly required) its capable of anywhere from one to eight runs per assembly. Though generally speaking resources must be dispersed per run, and thus a single run is most optimal for best results.

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