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handshake of trust
We the people. What does that mean?

We are people. People are things. We are bodies, intelligence, and if you are so inclined, spirits. Some may argue intelligence and spirits being one and the same. Fine, whatever, it’s unimportant for this discussion.

Scientifically speaking, people are a bunch of biological “things”, atoms building whatever building whatever. I use such loose description because I am not well versed in biology.

The term “people”, in my mind, does not encompass anything more than the collective bodies. It takes a number of bodies to be considered people. And if you look at each unit of that “people”, you have a body.

So people are bodies. But bodies are nothing by themselves. It’s the intelligence. The person within the body that makes it a body, otherwise the body is just compost waiting to ripen.

Person; we have the word person to deal with. What is a person? A person is one unit of people — We are getting closer — A person seems to have more depth. A person is a body, but a body with character. A persons character, this is what makes a person who he/she is.

A person is accountable; therefore we are able to introduce values. What are values? I’m not sure, but let’s go ahead and pick a few, and hope they are appropriate.

Honesty, trust and honor. Old classics I suppose. They had those characteristics back in the era of Nights in shining armor.

Ok, Nights in Shining Armor. They had those back in the Dark Ages correct? If those were the Dark Ages, why did they have so much Honesty, Trust, and Honor? I think mostly honor, they really liked that stuff back then.

Let’s say those characteristics were able to be measured, how much would they have? I don’t know, I think my point is they had a lot of those things that we don’t currently have. Yet we call their time period the Dark Ages.

What are people without trust?

Let’s take a step back. Just consider society as a whole. Take a given marketplace, any place of trade. One item of perceived value is traded for another item of perceived value. That’s simple enough, one-on-one transaction. If the items of value are present, it does not require much complexity.

But what about larger quantities? If trust is not to be had anywhere, would we be people?

I say we wouldn’t.

Without trust you cannot exist as a people. You become a person (which everyone is anyway, but that’s not my point). You become a person isolated from the People. A barrier is setup and this barrier grows. As it grows it cuts more and more between the Person and the People. Further alienating said individual.

Perhaps this explanation provides an answer to why kings, queens and those in leadership positions have such a tendency toward being misunderstood. They are in a social role that is critical to public eye. But the public eye only perceives what it is given to perceive (news, media, word of mouth), and they are rarely informed of the true elements effecting any given situation. Therefore when a person in any of the aforementioned roles finds themselves under attack. They lose trust. This is a cost of any key positions in society.

But Trust alone is a vulnerable asset. It would not survive on its own. It requires a companion, both for its survival and its balance.

What is this companion? I’m not sure.

Trust alone is blind. It presents a blind spot easily taken advantage of.

My point is this. Human beings have many things that bind them, and make them human. One of those major links is trust. And if we remove trust, we effectively slow and possibly halt evolution.

Read it in the bathroom! Print It! Read it in the bathroom! Print It!

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