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Time and Mankind

Adam Stroud wrote:

Time! This is a subject of much subjection and objection. Who created it and under whose laws is it established. Everything is relative to its own sphere. A minute on earth does not pass the same time as a minute 25000 feet up in the air. Therefore time is subject to the laws that men have established through calculations in mechanical measurements i.e. stopwatches computers etc… What would happen if time was eliminated better yet the clock? Could the world function?

I just hate being subject to dead-lines and time.

I’m not sure time is as much a law as it is an accepted concept. This is a fault of the human species.

As awe inspiring as the human brain is. There are severe limitations. Or perhaps I’m mislabeling the true culprit here. As we discussed in my Brainwave Ponderment; the abilities of the human brain are unknown. From a “technical” standpoint, this might suggest that we are fully capable of comprehending an existence void of the tracking of “time”. And while that remains a possibility. Myself, and the entire human species, are living proof that we have yet to reach that capacity.

To address the phenomena of time passing differently at 25,000 feet in the air. I’d suggest considering the mechanics used to track time in those tests. I do not doubt the results they reported are true. I do however; doubt the methods used to test time. Again, this is pulling on the “time is a concept, not a reality” theory.

Any device they might have used to track time is completely inaccurate. A wristwatch uses mechanical gears; it can be made to appear very consistent. But the potential for mechanical error is great indeed.

You may counter that a digital (electronic) device was used. This is fine, but then we have to address how they obtain the tracking of time digitally. As a computer technician, I once held the responsibility of keeping the company server “on time”. It was constantly drifting off time as was reported by the national time-tracking servers. It’s ironic though, as I was using my own watch (and those of others around me) to determine it was off course. Thus my source was also inaccurate.

You ask what would happen if time were eliminated. I say, without any provision to wean those who are accustomed to operating their existence based on time. The world would fall into calamity. All support systems (hospitals, food supplies, education, etc) would fail because there would be no synchronization.

Our society is a large pyramid of systems. All of which are dependant on any number of other systems in order to exist. Time as we comprehend it, is a major part of that system. If you removed that system, without any provision to support the structure, it would collapse.

This is not to say we would cease to exist. Another structure would form to take its place. It would be easy to argue that the resulting rubble itself would be the structure.

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Read it in the bathroom! Print It! Read it in the bathroom! Print It!

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One Response to “Time As Relative To Life And Your Reality”

  1. on 28 Jun 2007 at 5:16 pmMarcus

    I heard that without night and day (say living in an environment where you controlled the time it was light and dark without any outside influence) that humans adjust to a different clock (I think it was a 23 hour clock or something after a few months of living in a cave). So… what happens if we lose the schedule that the sun has so graciously set in place for us… that is that every 24 hours is one rotation of the earth affecting light and dark making it difficult for us to sleep during the daytime… I don’t remember where I was going with all of this, so I’ll just leave it at that.

    Peace out,
    1/16 Afro

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