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Gun Control

Gun Control Man (no eyes)

Stronzo wrote:

There are those out there who feel that banning guns will make America safer. What do you think about gun control?

The idea behind gun control is excellent. If there are no guns available. People cannot die from guns. It works out very well on paper.

The actual real world application of gun control responds much differently.

People love killing people. It’s just human nature, and is prevalent throughout the history of mankind. It’s always been there.

The real change has been in the methods available to mankind for killing. As these methods advance, so do the efficiency and ability of one person to kill one or more of another.

Gun control is a tantrum. It’s a tantrum thrown by those who would like to prevent the advancement of mankind.

Now, that line alone may be taken that, in order for mankind to advance they need to kill each other. This is untrue. But what it does imply is that limiting technology does not make people less kill-thrifty.

For me, gun control brings to mind zealous people who want to remove guns from everyone but police and military personnel. This is a ridiculous notion. Doing so would be much like having Eye control. Removing the eyes from everyone but the police and military forces. The idea might be fine and dandy. If people cannot see each other, they cannot hurt each other. It’s a loose analogy, but the point is, there will be those who somehow manage to retain their eyesight. And they will use that against those who are obeying the law (which is to not have eyes).

However, if we mandated that all responsible citizens (father figures, those without a violent or criminal background) own and maintain one firearm; it would provide an environment that nobody would be willing to use a gun against anybody else. Because they know the person watching them out the window would have a gun.

Fight fire with fire people.

Babysitting is the real problem here. People want to give specific individuals (police) guns to protect them from other individuals (bad guys) with guns.

They do not like the responsibility that comes with the possession of a gun. So they put the weight of protecting themselves on someone else. They are playing the victim card.

The victim card is probably American’s #1 favorite card. We like to save victims. We like to be victims. In the end, everyone just likes the sound of their voice when it’s whining.

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8 Responses to “Gun Control”

  1. on 13 Jun 2007 at 6:53 pmAndre

    Gun control is a tantrum. It’s a tantrum thrown by those who would like to prevent the advancement of mankind

    …to the BFG.

    Here here. I agree wholly. As one who has spent a few years in Japan which has outlawed the gun AND the sword, I can say that when the yakuza wants to take someone out its like shooting fish in a barrel. If teachers were armed, you think we would have as many school shootings? With close to 30 armed teachers in a school the nut wouldn’t get that far.

    Another fact I’m not sure if you noticed was that a few years ago Austrailia tried to outloaw guns. They even started a buyback program to encourage people to turn them in. The following year saw in increase in crime by over 300%. Look it up.

  2. on 13 Jun 2007 at 9:16 pmJesse

    What? you wanna hold my pistol? eh heh heh…

  3. on 14 Jun 2007 at 12:41 amEldra

    I totally agree with what you say about the victim card!!!!! It drives me nuts!

    Especially women somehow seem to feel their role is to be victims, and it was just driving me nuts.

    They all complain about all the suffering in the world, but don’t do much in a consructive way to prevent the very victim hood they claim to detest.

    So I started my site. It’s all about empowering women to get out of the victim stance and own their inner strength. And in doing so, learn techniques and gain information to prevent crime directed toward them.

    Thanks for stating so clearly what the gun control debate is! A tantrum and stating also very clearly the victim mentality which is pervasive far too often.

    Eldra McCracken

  4. on 14 Jun 2007 at 12:06 pmStephen

    @andre: In providing a contrasting situation to the one you mention in Japan. I read about a town somewhere in the united states that mandates each household have gun. The crime rate’s in this town are almost nothing in comparison to your average American town. I’ll see if I can find that article.

    Meanwhile, here is a research document written by Dr. Gary A. Mauser. It includes comments of the Australian situation/history.

    @Eldra: Thanks for commenting! :) In hindsight I really wish I had expounded more at the end of the article. I tend to lose momentum in my writing near the end of whatever it is I write.

    I wonder if I’d be breaking any internet publishing laws by adding to the article. I think I will, and I’ll just add a note stating its been revised. … Or not, what do you guys think?

  5. on 14 Jun 2007 at 1:40 pmStephen

    In my previous comment I linked to a research document by Dr. Gary A. Mauser. In that document, on page 2 in paragraph 3 it says…

    Emphasis is mine

    Since 1986, more than 25 states have passed new laws encouraging responsible citizens to carry concealed handguns. As a result, the numbers of armed Americans in malls and in their cars has grown to almost 3 million men and women. As surprising as it is to the media, these new laws have caused violent crime rates to drop, including homicide rates. In his scholarly book, More Guns, Less Crime, Professor John Lott shows how violent crime has fallen faster in those states that have introduced concealed carry laws than in the rest of the US (Lott 2000). His study is the most comprehensive analysis of American crime data ever completed.

    Anyway so I looked the book up on You can see it here.

    Apparently I can get it for $5.00 shipped. I think I’ll do that and maybe write a follow up to this…or something.

  6. on 14 Jun 2007 at 2:07 pmStephen

    Here is a link
    to the gun-filled town i mentioned in comment #4.

    And here is a snippet in regard to the town population…

    Prior to enactment of the law, Kennesaw had a population of just 5,242 but a crime rate significantly higher (4,332 per 100,000) than the national average (3,899 per 100,000). The latest statistics available – for the year 2005 – show the rate at 2,027 per 100,000. Meanwhile, the population has skyrocketed to 28,189.

  7. on 14 Jun 2007 at 5:51 pmcassie

    Now don’t get me wrong, we could get ALL kinds of political on this subject…so instead of going on a tirade of things I want to say and start pointing fingers, I just want to point out one thing. I feel we should be allowed to own guns…TO AN EXTENT. It’s too easy to get a gun these days, putting weapons in the hands of absolute lunatics that really shouldn’t be allowed near a rubberband. Charleston Heston can kiss my ass.

  8. […] than .22, but it is not required that the gun be cocked and ready to fire. (ironic given the recent Gun Control article) writing. You can even keep the safety on. Though, if you choose to keep the safety on, […]

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