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A Dog and O.C.D.

OCD dog

Mat wrote:

How can I get my dog to stop being so crazy? He runs around in circles for hours on end for no apparent reason. The vet says he has OCD [1]. Is there any hope of him being normal without prescription drugs? What do you suggest I do?


A dog with OCD is quite the spectacle. Back where I grew up, if we had a dog as useless as the one you describe; it would probably have been terminated (put to sleep, clubbed, etc).

If you do not live on a farm. And assuming the dog does not play any necessary role in the ecosystem of your farm. I’d say you can let this one live.

Without prescription drugs, the OCD will never subside. However, with drugs, the dog will likely become a dull zombie-like creature. And no matter how cool real zombies are, fake dog zombies are just no bueno. I say ixnay on the drugs.

I suggest you appreciate the dog for what it is. You may want to consider clipping his/her claws. I imagine they are pretty harsh on the carpet.

Otherwise I’d say this dog would be quite entertaining to observe in his OCDness.

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