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Hello My Fat Friends

Hello hello, my friends from the other side. Yes, I am addressing you, the fat people of the world.

The reason for this address is due to a certain perplexing circumstance which I’ve been contemplating in recent time. You see, I’m skinny. I have legs that, without the hair, make most girls jealous by their sheer slenderness. My figure is slim. Give me a set of boobs, and I’d pretty much be your perfect figure of a woman (given I’m wearing a skirt to address the other issue). In truth, you and I are one and the same. Only, we come from different sides of the pasture.

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Animals and human

The other night I was at a friend’s house (Mat Black). There were several of us socializing. This friend of mine has a small dog as a house pet. My friend also has a roommate who also has a dog, only this one is large.

The large dog is overly friendly and very eager to violate any type of personal bubble he can find. I had mine with me on this evening, and he was prompt to be all up in it (so to speak).
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newsHey everyone.

Sorry if it feels like I’ve been distant. I still love you. I only recently have come to realize that I do not receive notification when users comment on my writings. This is disheartening to me because I would prefer to keep active in the discussions that evolve from anything I’ve written.

I’ll be looking into solving this issue, but just know, I don’t hate any of you (that I can think of right now, and I’m thinking really hard) so if you’ve commented in the past, and felt that I’ve ignored you; please understand that…

  1. Yes I was ignoring you, but not by my own choice. And,
  2. I forgot the second part of this.

Yes, my frequency of posting has dwindled as of late. Life is busy. I’ll refrain from excuses.

*Update: Okay, its not fair to leave you in the dark. Over the last several months I’ve been getting more and more involved in film production. I have not axed, but it has been on the bad end of the ignore stick.

There are other things that are happening which detract from my being able to consistently write on, but the general message is that it may be slow around here, but not dead. So keep on keepin on (as my buddy Joe Dirt would say) and keep on your “to read” list. :)

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edge of the world
We often will look back at societies now past, and chuckle at their naive beliefs. The world is flat … (I was going to list others, but I’ll let you guys add the list in the comments (that’s a big fat old hint that you should comment, much love)).

Many back in the day did believe the world was flat. This was the case for a number of reasons.

  • Everyone else believed it – there is comfort in believing what everyone else does. Failure as a group is always much easier than failure as an individual, just ask these guys.
  • There was nothing to prove to them otherwise – Given there were no telescopes, planes, satellites (with camera’s), or other means of viewing the earth from a great distance, those in the past had to rely on their eyes for all visible validation purposes.

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Hey there, just a little FYI: Unless you know me in real life, this video is pretty boring from about 1:05 until 5:45, but before and after that it is pretty funny.

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Root Greek

Mat Says:

Why do overlook and oversee mean opposite things?

To find an answer to the question we will break each word down to its basic components.


Words generally tend to have a root, sometimes Greek, sometimes Latin. Continue Reading »

burger king and jack in the box

Cassie wrote:
Who’s in the Burger King suit? And why doesn’t he ever speak?

I can only assume you are talking about the soul of the Burger King. The real suit is that Jack in the Box guy. Literally, the guy is motivated by business and business alone. Don’t let all that talk about the chabada bread fool you. Continue Reading »


Rachelle wrote:

So, the scientists that are in the midst of studying quantum physics have found an interesting phenomena. That is; in an effort to get to Point B from Point A, it really doesn’t matter which of your hundreds of options you choose to get to Point B.

It is the INTENTION of getting to Point B that actually gets you there. It will set in motion a series of events that will get you to where you are intending… and often those events are not what you planned…but they get you there anyway.

Why is that?

Hold one; I’m going to quickly review my Quantum Physics 101 manual.

Alright so apparently this can be viewed as a metaphor.

Imagine that life is a voyage across the ocean. You are the caption or captioness of your ship. Or you could be the ship, its really up to your personal preference.

Anyway let’s just say that you’re a caption, it’ll fit the metaphor a little more smoothly. Continue Reading »

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